My Favorite Bad Side

Darling I know we weren’t always on the good side
But you’re my favorite bad side
And I want you to know I would keep walking through hell
If it meant I could tell you that
Tell you even though we argue
You’re my favorite person to yell at me.
So talk to me! Even if it’s calling me a bitch
Or if you want to turn on that switch
And tell me you love me.
Tell me I’m everything to you
Because I want to tell you
I miss your eyes of blue
And the lines of grey in the light
Because they were my favorite sight!
But lately I haven’t seen them glowing
And now, now I feel so lonely!
The day we parted darling
Is the day my nightmares started
And I don’t know what I’m supposed to do!
Everything seems to remind me of you.
You still have my heart
And now you have my mind!
And through all this time
Without you by my side
I managed to go a little insane
Because this pain is too great
and I miss you more than anything
I can try and replace you
But no ones heart will do.
You’re my carbon copy
You’re my favorite bad side
But you’re my sanity
My daydreams,
My favorite screams,
The only person that means anything to me.


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